Sunday, October 10, 2010

Week # 8 Day Four Fourteen mile run

10/09/10. This was the 14 miler I was nervous about. I met up with James and Chad at 6am at one of the Trailheads in Boulder City. We started out at a good pace. We were all able to keep a good pace and still be able to talk. The first part of the trail had a lot of downhills. Once we got to the part where it met up with the Railroad tunnel trail Chad told us we were past 3.3 miles. He has his Nike shoe tracker, so at least we had a way to track our mileage this time. I was surprised we had already done 3. I felt pretty good, was able to keep up with them, and hoped the rest of the run went by just as fast. We got to the Railroad tunnels, and right before the 2nd tunnel I tripped on a rock. It felt like it happened in slow motion. I remember running, then I remember hitting the rock, and then I just started falling. I had my arms out like superman, and ended up sliding to a stop on my stomach/chest. I remember using the F word as I fell. I got up, brushed myself off, and discovered I had scraped my right knee up. Also had scrapes on my hands. My hands were burning, and then I looked at my bloody knee and decided to keep on going. Chad told me my fall was at mile 5.3. We kept going through the tunnels. At the end of the last tunnel there is a gate that is closed at night. It was daylight by this time, but it was closed. We had to turn around. On the way back Chad informed us we had gone 7 miles already. Halfway done ! I was still feeling pretty good, my knee was doing ok. We followed the trail back and James had an idea on how to make up the mileage we lost from the gate being closed. We decided to go down the trail towards the campground we started at last week. He told Chad to let him know when it was 9.2 miles and then we would turn around and finish the trail to where we started. We hit 9.2 and turned around. I was still feeling good. We headed back up the trail that we started on. Of course a good portion of it was uphill. Just a steady uphill. Wasnt too bad. Then we had a little bit of a downhill. Chad anounced we had gone 12 miles, then later 13. Then he said we've gone farther than a 1/2 marathon. I was thrilled. Once he said that though my legs were starting to ache. he then said once it hits 14 miles we're stopping. We ended up doing 14.13 miles in 2 hours and 29 minutes. I burned almost 15oo calories, and our pace was 10:33 a mile. It felt good to stop though. Overall I felt much better than last week's long run. I didnt eat breakfast last week, but this week I did and it made a huge difference. Next week's long run is 16 miles.

Week # 8 Day Three Four mile run

10/07/10. Four miles. I felt okay when I started. It was nice and cool again. I did my 3 mile loop but added the extra mile when I began by going to the other entrance to the housing community and back , then continued on my 3 mile loop. I was feeling good, and tried to stay at a good pace. I looked at my watch at the 3 mile mark, and it said 28 minutes. I was happy, so I tried to keep that pace. I had to slow down a little bit going up the final incline , but ended up finishing in 38:17. I averaged 9:29 a mile and burned 421 calories. I could've broken 38 minutes but I was tired at the end.

Week # 8 Day Two Six mile run

10/06/10. This was a 6 mile night. I decided to just do my 3 mile loop twice. I felt pretty good when I started. Its been a lot cooler out here so it makes a big difference. I ended up picking up my pace on the downgrades, and picked it up for the last mile. My time was 58:53 for 6.12 miles. My pace was 9:38 a mile. I burned 644 calories. It was dark when I was running, and I almost ran into a guy on a bicycle in the dark. I had my flashlight with me, but didnt have it on at this part. He didnt have any reflective gear or flashlights. We both kind of did a "oh no ! " and got out of each others way.

Week # 8 Day One Four mile run

Halfway through the training ! 10/05/10. This day was 4 miles. The outside of my left knee was still sore. I ended up doing 4.43 miles in 44:36. I just took my time for this run. I wanted to go easy since my knee was still bugging me. Not much else to report on this run.

Week # 7 Day Four 12 mile run

10/02/10 . I met up with James at 5:30 in the morning for this run. We met at Boulder Beach campground at Lake Mead. We decided to do part of the Hoover Dam 1/2 marathon course. This was also the first time using my hydration pack. Its like a Camelback, but I got the $19 Walmart It did the job. We started out in the darkness at a nice easy pace. We kept checking with each other to see if the pace was ok. We started on a paved trail, and kept following it until we got a part where the trail that we were on lead to a gate, and the other way lead to another trail. We chose the wrong way, which made us go up hills, and stairs, across the Hacienda casino parking lot, and back to the original trail. If we had gone through the gate it would've led us right to the tunnels we were wanting to see. We just took the long way around. We made it to the Railroad tunnels. They were pretty neat. It was so dark inside of them, but luckily there weren't any rattlesnakes sunning themselves in front of the tunnels like some people have sighted. Or so I read online. lol. After the tunnels we kept going until we went past some buildings and finally ended up at a gate that said No Access. There was nowhere else to go, so we had to turn around. I used the Hammer Gel sample that I had gotten in my bag for the ET run about an hour into the run. It was pretty good. Getting the package open wasnt easy though. We were able to talk to each other during the run, but on the way back we both kind of just zoned out for a few miles. Then as we got to 2 miles left, our legs were starting to shut down. We kept saying " where's the damn sign for the campground ? ". We didnt know how far we had gone, James' GPS could not get a signal. It was such a struggle to keep running. If I had stopped at all I dont think I would've been able to start running again. Our knees were killing us, and we just wanted it to be over. We finally saw where we had started, and ended it. Our time was 2 hours and 16 minutes. James mapped it when he got home and it ended up being 11.5 miles. So we were 1/2 a mile short. Our pace was 11:50 a mile. I thought we had done better than that, but oh well. When we stopped it felt like we were walking bowlegged. It was crazy. We had a gatorade by our cars, and then made our way home. I was glad it was just a 10 minute drive for me. : ) That night I had to go to a baby shower/going away party for one of my coworkers. It was hard to walk. The outside of my left knee was killing me, and my legs were so sore in general. Sunday I rested.

Week # 7 Day Three 4 mile run

I have not updated in a while. I think I'm the only one looking at this thing anyway. lol. But I just do this to keep track of my training. 9/30/10 : This run was 4 miles. Did it in 40:36. I remember my legs were so dead that I could not have made them go any faster no matter how much I tried. I burned 422 calories, averaged 10 minute miles.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Week # 7 Day Two 6 mile run

Wednesday night was 6 miles. I ended up going past the apartments that I turn around at for my 5 miles route. I went to the end of the dead end road which was 3 miles. Then turned around and went back towards home. I started at 6:30 pm, and it was light out. By the time I was on my way back it was already dark, but I had my flashlight with me. I just tried to keep a steady pace, my legs were a little tired. I ended up doing 6.0 miles in 59:33. My pace was 9:50 a mile and I burned 622 calories. Overall I felt good. When I saw my time I was thinking " did I do the whole route? ". I even mapped it out again when I got home. I was just trying to keep the same pace, but then picked it up for the last mile. When I had 1/2 a mile to go I was soo tired, but I kept going. Felt good overall, but my legs are dead today. Tonight is supposed to be 4 miles. Then 12 on Saturday. Saturday I'm going to run with James. at 5:30 am at lake Mead. We're going to try to do the Hoover Damn 1/2 marathon course. Well 12 miles of it anyway. Wish us luck : )

Week # 7 Day One 4 mile run

Have been so tired at night I haven't posted. Monday was my rest day. Tuesday night I had to do 4 miles. I didn't have a set route, just kind of went out for an easy run. I ran to the railroad tracks which is the 1 mile mark, and then headed back to Dawson Ave, and ran to the gas station and back. Once I got to my gate I kept going on the sidewalk to the end of the intersection. Then turned around and finished at my house. Ended up doing 4.45 miles in 45:07. Wasn't trying to break any records, just a nice relaxing run. I ended up running into an older couple that was walking 3 times during my route. The last time was when I was on the sidewalk towards the intersection. The guy said " you're busy tonight ! ". lol My pace was 10:06 a mile and I burned 462 calories. My shin was bothering me about halfway through, but it felt okay once I was done. Overall it was a nice run.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Week # 6 Day Four 10 mile run

Well yesterday did not go as expected. Was supposed to do 11 miles, had it all mapped out. It began when I had my alarm set for 5:30 am so I could run in the morning and get it over with. That didnt happen. I ended up waking up at 8am, and got outside at 8:30 am. It was already really hot outside. I took one bottle of water with me, since i still don't have a camel pack/hydration pack to wear on my long runs, and it was definitely not enough. I ventured out to the River Mountain trail by my house. Its a paved bicycle/hiking trail. I went the other way towards Boulder City. I was about 5 minutes into the run when I realized it was going to suck. It was so hot, and I was running along black paved trail, with nothing around. There were tons of people on their bikes, too much spandex to see in one day. The trail is full of hills. Up and down, up and up and up. Then some down hills. I went slow, my pace was 11:06 a mile. I trudged along, thinking this sucks by myself. I wanted to quit the whole time. I ended up walking up some of the steeper hills. I was sweating so much and finished my water before the turnaround. I ended up going past the Veterans Home in Boulder City, and wanted to go a little bit further to get to the 5.5 mile mark I had mapped out. I ended up getting to the 5 mile mark and saw signs that said " Do not enter. Closed for private event. ". So I didnt go any further. I turned around and started back home. The last 5 miles went by a lot faster than the first 5. I got to go down the hills I had gone up, and knowing I was getting closer to home made it even better. My pace was awful and my form was awful. I think I was just kind of shuffling along. I was thinking I should do a mile near my house to make up for the mile I lost. That didn't happen. Once I got off the trail and near my house I could not bring myself to go any further. I ended up doing 10.18 miles in 1 hour and 53 minutes. I burned 1056 calories. I weighed myself when I got home and had lost 2 pounds during the run. I tried to drink a lot of water once I was home, but ended up having a killer headache the whole rest of the day. Lessons learned : # 1 ..Run earlier in the morning. It was too hot, and I got sunburned. Have a nice sock and short line , and burned arms. # 2.. Don't run that distance by yourself. It just sucks. No one to tell you to keep going when you feel like you can't. # 3... Bring more water. One bottle of water did not do the job. Well tonight is my rest day. My left shin has been killing me all day. Was fine during the run, but today its hurting. hope I'm not getting shin splints. Those suck. Had them in high school a few times, and they are horrible. Tomorrow is 4 miles. Think I'll take it easy for those 4. Not try to break my record. Might try adding a mile to one of my runs this week to make up for the one I lost. We'll see.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Week # 6 Day Three 4 mile run

4 miles tonight. Decided to go to the railroad tracks past Nevada State and back. 4 miles exactly. Started out at a decent pace. Tried to pick it up a little on the downgrades. Got to the 2 mile turnaround in 19 minutes. Turned around and had to go up the inclines. Once I got to the flat straightaway I started to pick it up a little. Then once I got to the spot where it was one mile left I picked it up a little more. A few downgrades until I got to the last hill before the stop sign. Kept going, and caught a glimpse of my time. Figured I was on a good pace and better not slow down now. I ended up finishing 4 miles in 37:49. Burned 418 calories and did a 9:14 mile pace. I was surprised ! First time I broke 40 minutes for the 4 miles. I felt pretty good once I was done, very tired, but good. Rest day tomorrow, then 11 miles on Saturday. James & Chad are running together Saturday morning and doing their 11 miles on the Las Vegas strip. I can't join them, I had already signed up for the flu shot clinic at work that day. Have to be there at 7am. They're running at 5:30 am. Wouldn't be done in time. Now I have to find an 11 mile route and run by myself. That's gonna suck. I might just do the River Mountain trail, and run to Boulder City and back. We'll see.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Week # 6 Day Two 5 mile run

Well, I felt so much better today than I did on Monday. Yesterday's rest day was well worth it. Had to do 5 miles tonight. I did the same route that I did the last time I did 5 miles. I left the house after 6pm, and this time brought my flashlight with me. I felt pretty good when I started, surprised that my legs weren't feeling dead. The only thing that sucked was that the first half of the run I was running right into the wind. That killed my time. Once I got to my turnaround it was much better. Forgot how many inclines there were on this route though. When I had a little over a mile left I picked up the pace. Most of the remaining route was downhill, until I got to the end of the road that's uphill. Once I was up the hill it was just down a little bit further to the gate and then onto my street to my house to finish. I was surprised I kept that quicker pace the whole last mile. I felt really good. I ended up doing 5.02 miles in 49:42. Burned 525 calories and averaged 9:45 a mile. The last time I did this route I did 48:22. Was glad I still broke 50 minutes though. Tomorrow its 4 miles. will see how that one goes.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Week # 6 Day One 4 mile run

I was still pretty sore today. Did not want to run tonight, but I had to. 4 miles was on the schedule. I felt like crap as soon as I started, and it was a really bad run. My legs were sore and felt like lead, and I had to convince myself to keep going. I ended up doing 4.11 miles in 42:44. My time was better than I thought, and I was not worried about my speed at all. Just focused on making my legs move. I burned 429 calories and my pace was 10:27 a mile. Once I was done my legs actually felt better. I guess they loosened up a little. My feet are a mess. I have blisters and calluses on my left foot, and one blister on my right foot. Guess I won't be wearing flip flops for a while. : )

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Week # 5 Day Four 11 mile run

Today was the day of the 11 mile Forest Challenge race. I got up at 5am, left the house at 6am, and got to Mount Charleston a little after 7am. The race started at 8am. It was freezing before the race ! It was around 38 degrees ! I knew it was going to be cooler, but no idea it was gonna be that cold. My fellow marathoners in training James & Chad and I all did this race today. The race started on a gravel uphill trail. That continued uphill until the 3 mile mark. With the elevation changes and hills I was dying. Everyone was having to walk in parts, it was just too much. Chad took off and had a good pace going. We didnt see him much during the race. James was ahead of me also. He was doing good. I just felt like crap. Once we hit 3 miles it changed to a single trail that was kind of dangerous. A lot of tree roots and rocks, and a few spots you could've fallen down the mountain. But that was the best part of the race. It felt like Cross country in high school. I was by myself, and I just kept a nice pace, and it was going downhill. Some parts were too dangerous to run so I had to walk those spots. hit the 4 mile water station, and knew I was almost to the turnaround. Was still feeling better than going uphill at the beginning, and then it hit me. I'm going to have to go all the way up that I've just come down. I made my way towards the turnaround and I saw Chad on his way back, and then a little while later saw James. James told me I was almost to the turnaround, and sure enough a little bit further and I was.
I didnt realize until they told me after the race, but the turnaround was actually right near where we started ! We had gone up the mountain, then down, and then back up and down. The trail part going up was bad. I had to walk different sections, almost tripped a lot, but never fell. Once I finally made my way up to the next water station it was 4 miles to go. Another mile and it would be all downhill to the finish. Got to the last water station, and was happy it was only 2 more miles. During the race my hands were starting to go numb. i looked at my hands and they were so swollen. I had to loosen up my watch and my rings were making my fingers hurt. I kept going and actually saw 2 people ahead of me. By this time my legs were almost in shut down mode, and my objective was to just finish. I could see those 2 guys the whole rest of the way down the gravel trail. I kept waiting to see the gate we started at, but it seemed like it was never going to appear. Finally I saw it, and just kept at my same pace. Could not go any faster. As I was heading down the last hill I saw James & Chad waiting at the finish yelling "Good job Nancy ! ", and a few of the other people there started calling my name too. That was pretty cool. I made it to the finish line and was so relieved. I think my time was 2 and a half hours. Not too concerned with the time, considering it was an insane Overall it was a neat experience, but not something I would ever want to do again. I will stick with the flat roads thank you very much. : )

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Week # 5 Day Three 3 mile run

The last 3 mile run until week # 15. Did not want to run tonight. Did the 3 mile route to the gas station and back. Felt better once I got started, but my legs were pretty tired tonight. Not too many people were out tonight. I tried to keep the same pace, but the last 1/2 mile was tough. I was really tired, and just had to keep moving. I ended up doing 3.01 miles in 29:18. Burned 314 calories and averaged 9:33 a mile. Tomorrow is a rest day. Have to pick up my trail race packet tomorrow after work at The Athlete's Foot in Vegas. kind of nervous about that race. I'm not worried about speed, I just want to finish the 11 miles. : )

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Week # 5 Day Two 5 mile run

5 miles tonight. I was so tired when I got home from work that I ended up taking a 15 minute power nap. I didn't start my run until almost 7pm. It was already getting dark outside. I didn't wear my reflective vest or bring my flashlight. I should have. It was way too dark and some of the roads did not have sidewalks, so it was kind of dangerous. Since I'm boycotting horse country I decided to run in my usual area. I went past Nevada State, and past the hospice and adult day care center, and past the bread factory. Went down the road across form the gas station to the first apartment entrance, which was 2.5 miles. Then I had to go all the way back. The first part once I turned around had a lot of inclines. But I felt really good the whole time, and kept a steady pace. I ended up doing 5.02 miles in 48:22. I averaged 9:33 a mile and burned 525 calories. It was so dark that I couldn't really see my watch, which turned out to be a good thing. I caught glimpses as I passed under street lights, but kind of just went by how I was feeling. I was so happy I broke 50 minutes. Last time I did 5 miles it took me 52 minutes. Tomorrow is my last 3 miler until week #15. My legs are sore now, but during the run they were okay. Will sleep good tonight : )

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Week # 5 Day One 3 mile run

Week # 5 already !! 3 miles was on tap for tonight. I changed my route a little bit. Started at my house, left the housing community and took a right towards Nevada state college. Once I got to the railroad tracks which is the one mile mark I took a right and went along a gravel path that runs alongside the train tracks. It took me all the way across to the street that Nevada State is on. Ended up taking that street past the bread factory, which smelled really really good, and took a right at the gas station. This brought me to the street that connects back to the main street that leads to the train tracks. From there its an incline that leads to making a left back to the street that the gate to the housing community is. Overall I felt pretty good. I ended up doing 3.03 miles in 29:54. Finally broke 30! Yay ! Averaged 9:33 a mile and burned 316 calories. I have to do 5 miles tomorrow, I think I'm going to include this route in that run. I'm taking a break from horse country. There is something with that place that just makes me die while I'm running. I do fine on the sidewalks and roads in my usual routes by my house, but when I get to horse country its just torture. Its probably all in my head, but I'm not gonna go back there for a while. Maybe its all the horse crap messing with my brain. : ) Or the fact that I just hate horses. : ) Saturday is the 11 mile trail race. I officially signed up today. You get a sweatshirt and a plaque with your name on it. Shall be interesting. The first half is all uphill, but the 2nd half is all downhill. This is my last week of 3 mile runs, until week # 15. Better enjoy it while I can. : )

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Week # 4 Day Four 8 mile run

Did my 8 miles tonight. Was not fun. I ventured out into horse country, and did the 3 mile square twice, plus the mile it took me to get there, and then the last mile was down 1 street of the loop which equaled a mile. The first mile was ok. By 2 and 1/2 miles my calves were screaming. It was a struggle to get to the 4 mile mark. But once I did I knew I had to do another loop and then some, so I kept going. As I was going up the long incline that's about 1/2 mile long ( 2nd time going up it ) a lady pushing a stroller going down the incline told me " You've gotta be in good shape to make it up this hill ! " . I said " I'm trying ! " lol. Had to do that damn incline twice. I hate it. A lot of people were out walking their dogs tonight. Saw a big Marmaduke dog and a kid with a scooter that had some type of engine rigged onto it. He was having fun going around in circles revving the engine. I finished my 8 miles in hour and 28 minutes. I averaged 11 minutes a mile. Burned 836 calories. My legs are soooo sore now. I weighed myself when i got home out of curiosity and I had lost 2 pounds while running. I'm trying to drink more fluids than usual right now to rehydrate myself. I'm sure its just from all the sweating. Well I did my 8, did not like it, but glad that its over !!! Time to take a hot bath to relax my legs. Rest day tomorrow !!!! : )

Friday, September 10, 2010

Week # 4 Day Three 3 mile run

3 miles tonight. I was pretty tired today. Ended up falling asleep on the couch for about an hour tonight after I got home. Woke up and it was 6:45 pm. Knew I still had to run, so I put on my running clothes/shoes and mapped out a route. Decided to run to the gas station and back. felt pretty good. One good thing was that the weather was perfect. It was nice and cool, and it was already dark by the time I ventured out. I was going to wear my reflective vest, but didn't. I was staying on sidewalks the whole time, and there are plenty of street lamps. A lot of people were out walking and riding their bikes. My foot felt fine tonight. : ) Ended up doing 3.02 miles in 30:32. I almost broke 30 minutes. Picked it up once I got up the last hill before the turn back to my house, and was close to breaking my time, but wasn't meant to be tonight. Oh well. Ended up averaging 9:55 a mile and burned 318 calories. Rest day tomorrow, then 8 miles on Sunday. Still don't know where I'll run for that one. Its gonna be a long one.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Week # 4 Day Two 5 mile run

5 miles was the name of the game today. My foot was feeling pretty good today, just a little sore. I decided to take a different route tonight. Went down past Nevada State college and took a street that leads back to the main street that I usually do for my 3 miles. That took me in a big loop, and I ended up having about a mile to do once I passed the entrance of my housing community. Went down to the end of the road to the 4 way intersection, turned around and finished at my house. Ended up being 5.01 miles. Did it in 52 minutes and 2 seconds. The first half of the run I took it easy, then when I realized I was feeling pretty good I picked it up a little for the 2nd half. Averaged 10:22 a mile, and burned 527 calories. i was happy with that, and was glad I felt pretty good overall. Tomorrow is 3 miles, then the long 8 this weekend. My 2 co workers/marathoners in training have signed up for a race on 9/18/10. Its an 11 mile trail race at Mount Charleston. I'm gonna sign up too, just hoping its not all uphill lol. That weekend is when we're supposed to be doing a 10 mile run, so this way we'll be sure to do it together. Should be interesting. : )

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Week # 4 Day One 3 mile run

Well 3 miles was on the schedule today. I had done my 7 miles on Sunday, then rested on Monday. Monday night my right foot started killing me. The pain is right on the arch near my heel. It hurt to walk and even if I wasn't walking it still hurt. I woke up Tuesday morning and it was still very painful. I worked all day, and was on my feet pretty much the whole time which didn't help. It hurt throughout the day, even when I was sitting down. I decided to take Tuesday night off, and then run Wednesday, Thursday & Friday. I iced my foot Tuesday night as I played Super Mario Bros. 3 on Nintendo, and it was feeling better. Woke up this morning and it hurt, but not as bad as Tuesday. Came home from work and did some stretches that I found online, and iced it. Then around 6:30 I had to get going and run. 3 miles, I'll see how it is. When I started it was painful. I kept going and at the first mile mark I had to stop for a little bit and stretch it out on the curb. That helped. I resumed running and felt pretty good. I took it nice and easy, and it overall it felt pretty good. I finished 3.08 miles in 31 minutes and 57 seconds. It hurts now, but I plan on icing it again tonight. I'm hoping it was just from breaking in my new shoes the other night. Tomorrow is 5 miles, then 3 again on Friday. Long run this weekend is 8 miles. Hopefully it starts feeling better and I can keep running. Can't believe its already week # 4 !

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Week # 3 Day Four 7 mile run

Finished week # 3 of training ! Today was the 7 mile run. Was kind of nervous about it, haven't run that far since high school cross country, and we did that distance one time. I was in need of some new running shoes. I had bought some Saucony running shoes last week at TJ Maxx. They seemed okay in the store, but once I got them on and walked around in the house with them they just didn't fit right. Never ran in them, and now I'm glad, because I returned them today. I went to Kohls, they were having a big sale on shoes. I loved the Saucony shoes that I had gotten for Bootcamp class, but I have worn them out. at Kohls they had a bunch of Asics. Hadn't worn them since high school. Tried a bunch on, then decided on a white, gray and apple green pair. They only cost me a little over $40 after the 20 percent off. Decided to wear them for my run tonight. Probably shouldn't have broken them in for that long of a run, but what's done is done. For my run tonight I basically did the route I did for my 6 miles, but started on the walking path in my housing community. By the time I got to horse country it was already a mile. I carried a water bottle with me, which was awkward, but I needed it. The first 3 miles was okay, but I had to stop for a minute to pull my right sock up because the heel on these shoes are higher than the Sauconys, and I have a nice open area on the right heel, and blood on my shoe. Once I fixed the sock it was fine. Overall I felt okay. By the time I got to mile 4 I got a second wind. My time was on track, and I was going at any easy pace. Then I hit 6 miles. Everything after that was torture. My legs did not want to move. It felt like I was running in cement. I kept going, slowly, and managed to get to the entrance to my community. That ended up being 7.15 miles. It took me 1 hour 18 minutes and 4 seconds. That last mile killed my time and my legs. I walked the rest of the way home, slowly, since I had hit my distance. According to my tracker I burned about 750 calories. Rest day tomorrow, and then its on to week # 4. Next week's long run is 8 miles. Time to eat something and soak in the tub. Can barely move right now. lol.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Week # 3 Day Three 3 mile run - Regular Run: Regular Run on 09/03/2010

3 miles was on the schedule for tonight. Thought to myself " oh, easy 3 miles ". Yeah right. Did my original 3 mile route that takes me to Nevada State College and back. My legs hurt tonight ! I think I might've just been tired from the 4 miles yesterday. I had to take it nice and easy. Ended up finishing 3.23 miles in 32 minutes and 41 seconds. Rest day tomorrow, then 7 miles on Sunday. Still don't know where I'm gonna go for the 7 miles yet. I have calluses and blisters on my left foot. In need of some new running shoes.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Week # 3 Day Two 4 mile run - Regular Run: Regular Run on 09/02/2010

4 miles was on the schedule tonight. Felt like trying some different scenery tonight. There is a bike/hiking path near my housing community that I've never checked out. Its actually one really long path that goes through different cities. I could run from my house to Boulder City ( where the Hoover dam is ) on the same path. That may be convenient when I have to do my really long runs in the future. I mapped out my run so I would run starting from my house to a bridge on the path that would be 2 miles, and then I would just turn around and run back towards home. The start of the run was okay. My legs felt a little tired, but I was eager to try out this new route. I noticed that there were mile markers on the path. i knew when I went a 1/2 a mile, then a mile, etc. , so that was convenient. I saw 4 people walking their dogs on the path, and they nicely stopped and held onto their dogs leash/collar until I went by them. Saw one guy on a bike who flew by me and gave me a nice little breeze for a few seconds. Once I got to the bridge to turn around my legs were feeling like lead, really heavy. But I kept going, knowing I had to do the 4 miles. It was getting dark as I made my way back, but finally got back to the side path to my street. When I finally got to my garage and was done i looked at my watch. 40 minutes and 24 seconds for 4.12 miles. I averaged 9:41 for my mile. I had been averaging 10 minutes a mile before. I was happy with my time and even happier that I was done. In high school my fastest mile time was 6:25 in track, and 14:01 for the 2 miles. That was also 15 years ago. lol. I'm happy with my progress though. Have lost 12 pounds since January , been a slow process. Have also gained muscle and lost inches though. Hoping I can fit into my favorite jeans by November lol. Haven't worn them in years !!!! lol. Just need to keep running : )

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Week # 3 Day One 3 mile run - Regular Run: Regular Run on 09/01/2010

Didn't run last night, so now I have to run Wednesday, Thursday & Friday, with my long run ( 7 miles ) on Sunday. 3 miles was on the schedule for today. It was already getting dark by the time I started, so I changed up my 3 mile route so I would be closer to home. Ran 3.2 miles in 31 minutes and 39 seconds. Felt okay until the last mile, but pushed through it. Short and to the point post tonight. Pretty tired.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Week # 2 Day Four 6 mile run - Regular Run: Regular Run on 08/29/2010

6 miles was on the schedule for today. Decided to venture out into horse country again. 3rd time, but I only saw the horses once on my run, so all was good. I ended up driving to the parking lot by the intersection near horse country, which is right past my housing community. Parked and started the run.I started by running across the intersection to the beginning of the 3 mile square of side streets. The first mile was okay, but I was feeling it before I even got to the 3 mile mark. Then once I passed 3 miles I got a second wind. I then was back on the first street of the 3 mile square, and kept going until I got to the park. Did a lap around the park, and ended up on the other street of the 3 mile square. Came down the opposite way of that street and decided to lap around the park again. Did not know that was going to add .5 miles to my run. Got back to the end of the square, and did not know that I could've stopped there. That was my 6 miles. Ended up runing back across the intersection, past my car, and ended up at the first entrance of the housing community. Finished in 1 hour 7 minutes, and 4 seconds. Then had to walk back to my car. Overall it was a good run. Seemed like I was out there forever though. My calves are sore, and I have a bloody toenail. lol. Time to soak in the tub, rest day tomorrow. : )

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Week # 2 Day Three 3 mile run

Didn't run Thursday, was too tired. Thankfully we have 4 days to run in a week, so its a little more flexible. Ran on Friday instead. Made the mistake of getting Round Table pizza on the way home from work for our dinner. Got Garrett an Ultimeat pizza and I got myself the Garden Delight. Had a few slices when I got home, and then decided to run about an hour after eating. Big mistake. I wanted to get done with my run early, instead of waiting until 7 or 7:30pm. Ventured out to horse country again, and did a 3 mile loop. Felt fine up until after I passed mile #2. Was on my way to breaking 3o minutes, and began to start tasting my pizza. I felt like I was going to puke, and had to slow down. I kept running, but was almost to a shuffle towards the end. I ended up finishing in 30 minutes and 26 seconds for 3.03 miles. Lesson learned, do not eat an hour before I have to run. Usually I dont eat until after I run, and its always something light. But I finished, and now tomorrow is the long 6 mile run. Still trying to figure out my route for that one. Rest day today, leaving to go see Vampires Suck in a few minutes. : )

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Week # 2 Day Two 4 mile run

4 miles was on the schedule for today. I was so tired when I got home from work that I took a 30 minute power nap. Finally ventured out of the house a little after 7pm. Decided to run somewhere new tonight instead of the usual route. Mapped out my run on, and went for it. Felt good when I started. I decided to do a big loop near the houses with horse properties. I hate horses, but only because my sister Laurie loves them. lol. Luckily I only saw 2 of them. It started to get dark on my way back. Not many people were outside on this route, but I could smell BBQ as I was passing by some of the houses. Better than smelling horses. Finished 4.33 miles in 44 minutes and 58 seconds. My run ended a 1/2 mile from my front door, so it was a nice cool down walk to the house. - Regular Run: Regular Run on 08/25/2010

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Week #2 Day One 3 mile run

3 miles was on the schedule for today. Did the 3 miles, but was kind of dead. Did my first mile in 9:30, too fast. Was just trying to go nice and easy. Slowed down, and finished in 31 minutes. Glad when I was done. Saw 3 lizards running into the bushes on the sidewalk. Also heard something bigger moving in the bushes, but did not want to investigate that one...

ET Full Moon Midnight 10K

One of my co workers found out about this race called the Extra Terrestrial Full Moon Midnight Marathon, 1/2 marathon and 10K. It takes place on the Extra Terrestrial Highway, near Area 51. You have to wear reflective clothing, carry a flashlight, and run in the middle of night. We signed up for the 10K, since we had to be doing 5 miles at that time anyway. I didn't want to drive 2 and 1/2 hours to the race, so i opted to take the bus that was bringing runners to the race from the Hard Rock casino. I got a reflective vest from Walmart and a small flashlight. they gave out glo necklaces at the race.
They changed up the order of the bus drop offs, and the 10K runners got dropped of last, about a minute before the start of the race. I literally got off the bus, threw my bag down, and got in line at the starting line in time to hear " 28 seconds til we start ! ". My co worker James had driven down earlier in the day, he was camping out there. I couldn't find him at the start. We would always run together at Boot Camp class, and he had a habit of sprinting by me at the end every time. It made me mad every time. lol. So I was determined to find him in the race. The race started, and it took about 30 seconds before I got to the actual start. Once I crossed the starting line timing mat I pushed start on my watch.
I was suprised that my legs felt as good as they did considering I just got off of a 2 and 1/2 hour bus ride. I was runnng at a good pace, and looking for James. I began passing people, and kept looking. at the first mile marker I heard him talking to his roommate who was running the race also. We said hello, told him I had to start way in the back, and that was about it. I took off, with the thought of him sprinting by me all the time in my head. I continued running, and began to use my old high school cross country running strategy, of trying to pick people off one by one. It worked. I got to the 3.1 mile turnaround and looked at my watch. 30 minutes. I was doing better than I thought ! I just kept going, and kept trying to pick people off. I saw James on the other side towards the turnaround and kept thinking of him sprinting by me. By the time I got to mile 5, the furthest I'd run since high school, I was so happy. I kept going. I could see where the finish line was, but it seemed like it was not getting any closer. Finally I saw it, and just kept going. I crossed the finish line at 1 hour 1 minute and 15 seconds. I ended up coming in 51st out of 245 runners, and was the 7th woman finisher in my age group. I was so happy that I had finished, and was happy with my time. I waited for James at the finish line, and we drank some nasty HEED drink, and then some gatorade. Got a pretty cool finishers medal with an alien on it. i got back on the bus for the 2 and 1/2 hour bus ride, and got home at 6am. Was a fun race, and overall great experience.

Getting started...

I've always wanted to run a marathon. Never thought about it too seriously though. Until this year. I had started taking a Boot Camp class at the local rec center in January 2010. I signed up for 4 days a week, Monday through Thursday, from 6pm to 7pm. I'll never forget the first class. After the instructor introduced himself and told us what was in store for us ( and after I stopped drooling because he was pretty built ) he told us " go run a mile ! "on the indoor track. Our first day of class was inside because it was actually raining in Nevada. 14 laps equaled a mile. I had run all through high school, on cross country, indoor track and track teams. All 4 years, all 3 seasons. Wasn't the fastest, but I was determined, and really liked it. Did the mile and 2 mile races in track for meets. Thought nothing of running both of those in the same afternoon, just liked to run.
I hadn't run in years, and the thought of running a mile made me so nervous. I was out of shape, wasn't happy with my weight, and had been lazy for the past few years. I started that mile, and just took it nice and easy. I finished it, and then I was hooked again. Of course I couldn't walk that whole week after doing those classes. But I stuck with it, and my running felt better as the classes went by. I had convinced 3 of my co workers to join the class with me. They did 2 days a week, and we all shared in the pain and the drooling over the instructor. He was hot, and he made you work. I needed someone to yell at me and tell me to work out. I did that 8 week session, and then another 8 week session. Then two 5 week sessions in the summer.We usually ran a mile each class, sometimes he had us run 2 miles. In July a co worker asked me if I wanted to do the Las Vegas Marathon with him. I said if he was going to do it I would do it. So he got a book on marathon training and we printed out the training schedule. 16 weeks of training.
We had to train for our training. The first few weeks we just had to run 30 minutes to build up a base. By that time another co worker decided to join us in our marathon voyage. So there are 3 of us in this journey together. We check in with each other, make sure we're all doing the runs we're supposed to be doing. Our first week of official training started on 8/16/10. We have to run 4 days a week. This week consisted of having to do 3 miles, 4 miles, 3 miles and the 4th day 5 miles. We decided to do something a little different for our 5 mile run.