Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Week # 6 Day Two 5 mile run

Well, I felt so much better today than I did on Monday. Yesterday's rest day was well worth it. Had to do 5 miles tonight. I did the same route that I did the last time I did 5 miles. I left the house after 6pm, and this time brought my flashlight with me. I felt pretty good when I started, surprised that my legs weren't feeling dead. The only thing that sucked was that the first half of the run I was running right into the wind. That killed my time. Once I got to my turnaround it was much better. Forgot how many inclines there were on this route though. When I had a little over a mile left I picked up the pace. Most of the remaining route was downhill, until I got to the end of the road that's uphill. Once I was up the hill it was just down a little bit further to the gate and then onto my street to my house to finish. I was surprised I kept that quicker pace the whole last mile. I felt really good. I ended up doing 5.02 miles in 49:42. Burned 525 calories and averaged 9:45 a mile. The last time I did this route I did 48:22. Was glad I still broke 50 minutes though. Tomorrow its 4 miles. will see how that one goes.

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