Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Week # 5 Day One 3 mile run


Week # 5 already !! 3 miles was on tap for tonight. I changed my route a little bit. Started at my house, left the housing community and took a right towards Nevada state college. Once I got to the railroad tracks which is the one mile mark I took a right and went along a gravel path that runs alongside the train tracks. It took me all the way across to the street that Nevada State is on. Ended up taking that street past the bread factory, which smelled really really good, and took a right at the gas station. This brought me to the street that connects back to the main street that leads to the train tracks. From there its an incline that leads to making a left back to the street that the gate to the housing community is. Overall I felt pretty good. I ended up doing 3.03 miles in 29:54. Finally broke 30! Yay ! Averaged 9:33 a mile and burned 316 calories. I have to do 5 miles tomorrow, I think I'm going to include this route in that run. I'm taking a break from horse country. There is something with that place that just makes me die while I'm running. I do fine on the sidewalks and roads in my usual routes by my house, but when I get to horse country its just torture. Its probably all in my head, but I'm not gonna go back there for a while. Maybe its all the horse crap messing with my brain. : ) Or the fact that I just hate horses. : ) Saturday is the 11 mile trail race. I officially signed up today. You get a sweatshirt and a plaque with your name on it. Shall be interesting. The first half is all uphill, but the 2nd half is all downhill. This is my last week of 3 mile runs, until week # 15. Better enjoy it while I can. : )

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