Sunday, September 12, 2010

Week # 4 Day Four 8 mile run

Did my 8 miles tonight. Was not fun. I ventured out into horse country, and did the 3 mile square twice, plus the mile it took me to get there, and then the last mile was down 1 street of the loop which equaled a mile. The first mile was ok. By 2 and 1/2 miles my calves were screaming. It was a struggle to get to the 4 mile mark. But once I did I knew I had to do another loop and then some, so I kept going. As I was going up the long incline that's about 1/2 mile long ( 2nd time going up it ) a lady pushing a stroller going down the incline told me " You've gotta be in good shape to make it up this hill ! " . I said " I'm trying ! " lol. Had to do that damn incline twice. I hate it. A lot of people were out walking their dogs tonight. Saw a big Marmaduke dog and a kid with a scooter that had some type of engine rigged onto it. He was having fun going around in circles revving the engine. I finished my 8 miles in hour and 28 minutes. I averaged 11 minutes a mile. Burned 836 calories. My legs are soooo sore now. I weighed myself when i got home out of curiosity and I had lost 2 pounds while running. I'm trying to drink more fluids than usual right now to rehydrate myself. I'm sure its just from all the sweating. Well I did my 8, did not like it, but glad that its over !!! Time to take a hot bath to relax my legs. Rest day tomorrow !!!! : )

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