Thursday, September 9, 2010

Week # 4 Day Two 5 mile run

5 miles was the name of the game today. My foot was feeling pretty good today, just a little sore. I decided to take a different route tonight. Went down past Nevada State college and took a street that leads back to the main street that I usually do for my 3 miles. That took me in a big loop, and I ended up having about a mile to do once I passed the entrance of my housing community. Went down to the end of the road to the 4 way intersection, turned around and finished at my house. Ended up being 5.01 miles. Did it in 52 minutes and 2 seconds. The first half of the run I took it easy, then when I realized I was feeling pretty good I picked it up a little for the 2nd half. Averaged 10:22 a mile, and burned 527 calories. i was happy with that, and was glad I felt pretty good overall. Tomorrow is 3 miles, then the long 8 this weekend. My 2 co workers/marathoners in training have signed up for a race on 9/18/10. Its an 11 mile trail race at Mount Charleston. I'm gonna sign up too, just hoping its not all uphill lol. That weekend is when we're supposed to be doing a 10 mile run, so this way we'll be sure to do it together. Should be interesting. : )

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