Thursday, September 30, 2010

Week # 7 Day Two 6 mile run

Wednesday night was 6 miles. I ended up going past the apartments that I turn around at for my 5 miles route. I went to the end of the dead end road which was 3 miles. Then turned around and went back towards home. I started at 6:30 pm, and it was light out. By the time I was on my way back it was already dark, but I had my flashlight with me. I just tried to keep a steady pace, my legs were a little tired. I ended up doing 6.0 miles in 59:33. My pace was 9:50 a mile and I burned 622 calories. Overall I felt good. When I saw my time I was thinking " did I do the whole route? ". I even mapped it out again when I got home. I was just trying to keep the same pace, but then picked it up for the last mile. When I had 1/2 a mile to go I was soo tired, but I kept going. Felt good overall, but my legs are dead today. Tonight is supposed to be 4 miles. Then 12 on Saturday. Saturday I'm going to run with James. at 5:30 am at lake Mead. We're going to try to do the Hoover Damn 1/2 marathon course. Well 12 miles of it anyway. Wish us luck : )

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