Thursday, September 2, 2010

Week # 3 Day Two 4 mile run - Regular Run: Regular Run on 09/02/2010

4 miles was on the schedule tonight. Felt like trying some different scenery tonight. There is a bike/hiking path near my housing community that I've never checked out. Its actually one really long path that goes through different cities. I could run from my house to Boulder City ( where the Hoover dam is ) on the same path. That may be convenient when I have to do my really long runs in the future. I mapped out my run so I would run starting from my house to a bridge on the path that would be 2 miles, and then I would just turn around and run back towards home. The start of the run was okay. My legs felt a little tired, but I was eager to try out this new route. I noticed that there were mile markers on the path. i knew when I went a 1/2 a mile, then a mile, etc. , so that was convenient. I saw 4 people walking their dogs on the path, and they nicely stopped and held onto their dogs leash/collar until I went by them. Saw one guy on a bike who flew by me and gave me a nice little breeze for a few seconds. Once I got to the bridge to turn around my legs were feeling like lead, really heavy. But I kept going, knowing I had to do the 4 miles. It was getting dark as I made my way back, but finally got back to the side path to my street. When I finally got to my garage and was done i looked at my watch. 40 minutes and 24 seconds for 4.12 miles. I averaged 9:41 for my mile. I had been averaging 10 minutes a mile before. I was happy with my time and even happier that I was done. In high school my fastest mile time was 6:25 in track, and 14:01 for the 2 miles. That was also 15 years ago. lol. I'm happy with my progress though. Have lost 12 pounds since January , been a slow process. Have also gained muscle and lost inches though. Hoping I can fit into my favorite jeans by November lol. Haven't worn them in years !!!! lol. Just need to keep running : )

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