Thursday, September 30, 2010

Week # 7 Day One 4 mile run

Have been so tired at night I haven't posted. Monday was my rest day. Tuesday night I had to do 4 miles. I didn't have a set route, just kind of went out for an easy run. I ran to the railroad tracks which is the 1 mile mark, and then headed back to Dawson Ave, and ran to the gas station and back. Once I got to my gate I kept going on the sidewalk to the end of the intersection. Then turned around and finished at my house. Ended up doing 4.45 miles in 45:07. Wasn't trying to break any records, just a nice relaxing run. I ended up running into an older couple that was walking 3 times during my route. The last time was when I was on the sidewalk towards the intersection. The guy said " you're busy tonight ! ". lol My pace was 10:06 a mile and I burned 462 calories. My shin was bothering me about halfway through, but it felt okay once I was done. Overall it was a nice run.

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