Thursday, September 23, 2010

Week # 6 Day Three 4 mile run

4 miles tonight. Decided to go to the railroad tracks past Nevada State and back. 4 miles exactly. Started out at a decent pace. Tried to pick it up a little on the downgrades. Got to the 2 mile turnaround in 19 minutes. Turned around and had to go up the inclines. Once I got to the flat straightaway I started to pick it up a little. Then once I got to the spot where it was one mile left I picked it up a little more. A few downgrades until I got to the last hill before the stop sign. Kept going, and caught a glimpse of my time. Figured I was on a good pace and better not slow down now. I ended up finishing 4 miles in 37:49. Burned 418 calories and did a 9:14 mile pace. I was surprised ! First time I broke 40 minutes for the 4 miles. I felt pretty good once I was done, very tired, but good. Rest day tomorrow, then 11 miles on Saturday. James & Chad are running together Saturday morning and doing their 11 miles on the Las Vegas strip. I can't join them, I had already signed up for the flu shot clinic at work that day. Have to be there at 7am. They're running at 5:30 am. Wouldn't be done in time. Now I have to find an 11 mile route and run by myself. That's gonna suck. I might just do the River Mountain trail, and run to Boulder City and back. We'll see.

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