Monday, September 20, 2010

Week # 6 Day One 4 mile run

I was still pretty sore today. Did not want to run tonight, but I had to. 4 miles was on the schedule. I felt like crap as soon as I started, and it was a really bad run. My legs were sore and felt like lead, and I had to convince myself to keep going. I ended up doing 4.11 miles in 42:44. My time was better than I thought, and I was not worried about my speed at all. Just focused on making my legs move. I burned 429 calories and my pace was 10:27 a mile. Once I was done my legs actually felt better. I guess they loosened up a little. My feet are a mess. I have blisters and calluses on my left foot, and one blister on my right foot. Guess I won't be wearing flip flops for a while. : )

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