Sunday, September 5, 2010

Week # 3 Day Four 7 mile run

Finished week # 3 of training ! Today was the 7 mile run. Was kind of nervous about it, haven't run that far since high school cross country, and we did that distance one time. I was in need of some new running shoes. I had bought some Saucony running shoes last week at TJ Maxx. They seemed okay in the store, but once I got them on and walked around in the house with them they just didn't fit right. Never ran in them, and now I'm glad, because I returned them today. I went to Kohls, they were having a big sale on shoes. I loved the Saucony shoes that I had gotten for Bootcamp class, but I have worn them out. at Kohls they had a bunch of Asics. Hadn't worn them since high school. Tried a bunch on, then decided on a white, gray and apple green pair. They only cost me a little over $40 after the 20 percent off. Decided to wear them for my run tonight. Probably shouldn't have broken them in for that long of a run, but what's done is done. For my run tonight I basically did the route I did for my 6 miles, but started on the walking path in my housing community. By the time I got to horse country it was already a mile. I carried a water bottle with me, which was awkward, but I needed it. The first 3 miles was okay, but I had to stop for a minute to pull my right sock up because the heel on these shoes are higher than the Sauconys, and I have a nice open area on the right heel, and blood on my shoe. Once I fixed the sock it was fine. Overall I felt okay. By the time I got to mile 4 I got a second wind. My time was on track, and I was going at any easy pace. Then I hit 6 miles. Everything after that was torture. My legs did not want to move. It felt like I was running in cement. I kept going, slowly, and managed to get to the entrance to my community. That ended up being 7.15 miles. It took me 1 hour 18 minutes and 4 seconds. That last mile killed my time and my legs. I walked the rest of the way home, slowly, since I had hit my distance. According to my tracker I burned about 750 calories. Rest day tomorrow, and then its on to week # 4. Next week's long run is 8 miles. Time to eat something and soak in the tub. Can barely move right now. lol.

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