Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Week # 4 Day One 3 mile run

Well 3 miles was on the schedule today. I had done my 7 miles on Sunday, then rested on Monday. Monday night my right foot started killing me. The pain is right on the arch near my heel. It hurt to walk and even if I wasn't walking it still hurt. I woke up Tuesday morning and it was still very painful. I worked all day, and was on my feet pretty much the whole time which didn't help. It hurt throughout the day, even when I was sitting down. I decided to take Tuesday night off, and then run Wednesday, Thursday & Friday. I iced my foot Tuesday night as I played Super Mario Bros. 3 on Nintendo, and it was feeling better. Woke up this morning and it hurt, but not as bad as Tuesday. Came home from work and did some stretches that I found online, and iced it. Then around 6:30 I had to get going and run. 3 miles, I'll see how it is. When I started it was painful. I kept going and at the first mile mark I had to stop for a little bit and stretch it out on the curb. That helped. I resumed running and felt pretty good. I took it nice and easy, and it overall it felt pretty good. I finished 3.08 miles in 31 minutes and 57 seconds. It hurts now, but I plan on icing it again tonight. I'm hoping it was just from breaking in my new shoes the other night. Tomorrow is 5 miles, then 3 again on Friday. Long run this weekend is 8 miles. Hopefully it starts feeling better and I can keep running. Can't believe its already week # 4 !

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