Sunday, August 29, 2010

Week # 2 Day Four 6 mile run - Regular Run: Regular Run on 08/29/2010

6 miles was on the schedule for today. Decided to venture out into horse country again. 3rd time, but I only saw the horses once on my run, so all was good. I ended up driving to the parking lot by the intersection near horse country, which is right past my housing community. Parked and started the run.I started by running across the intersection to the beginning of the 3 mile square of side streets. The first mile was okay, but I was feeling it before I even got to the 3 mile mark. Then once I passed 3 miles I got a second wind. I then was back on the first street of the 3 mile square, and kept going until I got to the park. Did a lap around the park, and ended up on the other street of the 3 mile square. Came down the opposite way of that street and decided to lap around the park again. Did not know that was going to add .5 miles to my run. Got back to the end of the square, and did not know that I could've stopped there. That was my 6 miles. Ended up runing back across the intersection, past my car, and ended up at the first entrance of the housing community. Finished in 1 hour 7 minutes, and 4 seconds. Then had to walk back to my car. Overall it was a good run. Seemed like I was out there forever though. My calves are sore, and I have a bloody toenail. lol. Time to soak in the tub, rest day tomorrow. : )

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  1. Coming this summer, it's "Return of the Bloody Toenail" in 3-D!