Sunday, October 10, 2010

Week # 8 Day Two Six mile run

10/06/10. This was a 6 mile night. I decided to just do my 3 mile loop twice. I felt pretty good when I started. Its been a lot cooler out here so it makes a big difference. I ended up picking up my pace on the downgrades, and picked it up for the last mile. My time was 58:53 for 6.12 miles. My pace was 9:38 a mile. I burned 644 calories. It was dark when I was running, and I almost ran into a guy on a bicycle in the dark. I had my flashlight with me, but didnt have it on at this part. He didnt have any reflective gear or flashlights. We both kind of did a "oh no ! " and got out of each others way.

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